Lunch Menu

Take a look at our delicious lunch menu, and stop in for a bite!

Special Butcher Meat Package Deals

Stock up and save with these great freezer wrapped meat packages. Large purchases qualify for special discounts.

Deli and Lunch Meats

This is our full menu of cooked/roasted Deli and Lunch Meats. We maintain an additive free policy!

Fresh Cut Meats

All of our meats are cut fresh how you like it in front of your eyes.

Our Specialty Sausages Selection

Trim-Rite has a full array of specialty sausages available daily at your request.

Delicious Chicken & Fowl

We have the freshest chicken in Gloucester County! Cut and packed as requested, no hormones added. Ever.

Shop for Groceries in our store

Trim-Rite has just about everything you need from barbecue rubs, dairy, eggs, and basic veggies to chips, sodas, pasta, and sauces.

A Scrumptious Choice of Cooked Foods

We offer a variety of delicious entrees cooked right in our store. Our Chef Jay uses only the top quality ingredients and seasonings.

A Wide Choice of Frozen Meats

Delicious meats ranging from ground lamb and veal to smoked hocks and liver. We also have seafood (shrimp, scallops, swordfish, salmon, and more!) Choose to save your meat for a special occasion with our frozen options.